MYSTERIES OF ARIZONA – Mysteries with a History

Arizona has it all, from UFO Hotspots, to Alien Abductions, the Vortexes of the mysterious Sedona area, to the Paranormal high strangeness of the Bradshaw Ranch, and much more…
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Cristina Gomez and Jimmy Church look into Arizona, with it’s many mysteries and unexplained phenomena.

MYSTERIES OF ARIZONA – Mysteries with a History

The world famous mystery of the Phoenix Lights in 1997 as well as strange tales of ghost towns, the Mogollon Monster, to famous UFO abductions, haunted highways, UFO hotspots, Sedona, a ranch as mysterious as Skinwalker Ranch, and much more get discussed during this episode. Arizona has a diverse environment. From the lush forests that run the length of the Mogollon Rim, to the stunning red rocks vistas of Sedona, to the scorching desert, to beautiful lake areas, Arizona is known as a great State to tour and take vacations, but it has a dark, mysterious, and paranormal side.

Join us as we try to make sense of it all on Mysteries with a History.


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I am asking questions, seeking answers, and looking into the fringes of the human experience to find clues regarding some of the most strange mysteries to perplex mankind.
I don’t subscribe to any particular beliefs, and my opinions are simply speculative.

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  2. Olá, não sei se você notou minha mensagem, se estiver interessado em nossa cooperação, envie-me uma mensagem privada

  3. Jimmy, remember the people who think this is a nothing burger have been following the UAP subject since 2017 after the NY Times article hit. Hard core enthusiasts like you and I have been following and studying the subject since the mid 1980's and even the shallowness of the hearings their was a bunch of good stuff entered into the record it was a victory (ugly victory but victory) thanks to Lue Elizando and Chris Mellon with the help of solid journalists like Rosco Coultart , Bryce Zable and you Jimmy but let me say I'm super impressed with the young and super smart old soul Christina Gomez the future looks very promising with young people like her. Christina and other young people will take this subject to the next level, very proud of her, thank all of you for your hard work!! Texas TR

  4. 😃😄😁😆😅 5 Smiles. You seen that movie right hears a imagine for you that gravity walk path it the movie on the grey's ship as you see him draged to the operation room we could build such equipment when fusion first started with a top mount u coil in runs along the path above you this to ground applying a one G Force down in magnetic field equivalent and a little bit of a juice junkie think it could be a future you claiming god's??.

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