🔴LIVE: Myanmar – Philippines l Women’s Football – SEA Games 31

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🔴LIVE: Myanmar – Philippines l Women’s Football – SEA Games 31
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10 thoughts on “🔴LIVE: Myanmar – Philippines l Women’s Football – SEA Games 31

  1. Haha asan ang mga boys sa football tameme ah!
    Pati sa basketball tameme ulit ang mga boys buti p ang volleyball men naka bonze din ata.

  2. This Philippines team is still adjusting to not having key players Katrina Guillou (club commitments) and Chandler McDaniel (injury) in the team
    They are not the same squad that beat Thailand in AFC Asian Cup back in January

  3. Fun to see the Vietnamese funs supporting these two. Congratulations to Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines for earning their medals. Well deserved.

  4. we have all the physical tools to compete …the only lacking in my opinion is football IQ inside the field:) …i see the declined of energy and performance of malea ceasar and castaneda,are they sick?…harrison and bugay are solid,all through out the tournament…hopefully we can get chandler and guillio back soon…sorry for my english hehehe

  5. great comeback for the 🇵🇭Philippines team congrats ladies for winning and getting the bronze medal… im so proud of you all

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